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Mary Mathews Gedo
Monet and his Muse:
Camille Monet in the Artist's Life

An interesting and scholarly look at the relationship between Claude Monet and his first wife.


Vivian Russell
Monet's Water Lilies

A detailed account of Monet's garden, beautifully illustrated. 


Hugo Chapman et al
Raphael: From Urbino to Rome

Catalog of exhibition held in the National Gallery, London in 2004-5.  It reproduces not only Raphael's paintings but several of the preparatory drawings.


David Hockney
Secret Knowledge:
Rediscovering the Lost Techniques
of the Old Masters

Fascinating examination of the possibility that artists as far back as the 15th century used optical devices like mirrors and prisms to cast images they traced to help them produce accurate and detailed paintings.

Hockey uses his skills as an artist to help make his case and provides many detailed images of Old Master paintings to demonstrate his thesis.


Linda Banks Downs
Diego Rivera:
The Detroit Industry Murals

The best source for information and images about the Detroit Institute of Arts murals by Diego Rivera.  The story behind the murals, tales of Diego and Frida Kahlo in Detroit, and much much more.


William E. Wallace
The Complete Sculpture, Painting, Architecture

A treasury of  good illustrations combined with writing by a Michelangelo scholar.


Seymour Reit
The Day They Stole the Mona Lisa

A good account of the 1911 theft, the Italian who stole the painting and the French con-man who masterminded the theft.

Anne Higonnet
  Berthe Morisot

A well-illustrated and interesting biography of this wonderful Impressionist artist.  See Art Quotations


Lynda Waggoner, editor
Christopher Little, photographer

Wonderful photos of Frank Lloyd Wright's masterpiece since its recent renovation.


Andrew Robison et al
Albrecht Durer:
Master Drawings, Watercolors
and Prints from the Albertina 

Catalog in connection with exhibition of same title held in 
the National Gallery, Washington, DC in 2013. 




As long as art lives never shall I accept that men are truly dead.