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Talks scheduled in public venues through September 2018:

Thursdays July 18 and 26

Birmingham Community House

7:00 - 9:00 pm

Cities for Art Lovers

Each class looks at the best art to be seen in public places and museums, some well-known, others less so.   The lavishly illustrated talks are enjoyable whether you are looking for ideas for a future visit, want to remember past joys, or just wish to sample the best art the world has to offer.

July 18    LONDON  This updates an earlier talk to include art and architecture from my most recent visit as well as a new selection of the art I loved growing up among the top museums and less well known collections in and around the city.
July 26    VIENNA   A city that is as great for art lovers as for music lovers. We'll explore its architectural highlights and visit museums including the world-renowned Kunsthistoriches Museum, the Albertina for its unparalleled collection of prints and drawings, the Leopold Museum for Austrian art and design, the MUMOK for modern art, the Belvedere Palace, and the unusual Museum of Fakes.

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(fee supports the educational mission of the Community House)

Monday July 30, 2018

Bloomfield Township Public Library

7:00-8:00 pm

Cities for Art Lovers

MADRID boasts the world-famous Prado Museum but has many other treats for the art lover to enjoy in the city and its environs. We'll visit 5 museums and a few other special places.

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Thursday August 2, 2018

Jewish Community Center

11:00 am - 12:15pm

The Sensational 17th Century

Art in the 1600s moved from the classical calm of the Renaissance to an art of high drama. 

You don't like Baroque art?  I challenge you to look with me at paintings and sculpture by great masters from Caravaggio and Bernini to Rubens and Rembrandt. Then tell me whether you agree that this is art at its most exciting, accomplished and exuberant.

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Thursdays Sept 6, 13, 20

Birmingham Community House

7:00 - 9:00 pm

The Italian Renaissance

This series explores the changes in art as thinkers and artists moved from a focus on the soul and the spiritual world to an interest in people and the physical world which led in turn to an interest in the ideas and ideals of ancient Greece and Rome.  We’ll suggest reasons for these changes and look in depth at the artists who made the developments that remain at the core of Western art for centuries.

Sept 6:   Waking to the World traces the development of a naturalistic art instead of the medieval art which typically copied images from earlier sources, the beginning of artistic interest in humans and their emotions, and the impact of sculpture and architecture that survived from ancient Greece and Rome.
Sept 13: The Flowering of the Renaissance picks up the story as artists who have mastered the mechanics of illusionistic art and the humanistic ideas of ancient Greece turn to using art as an instrument to involve the viewer intellectually and emotionally as well as aesthetically.
Sept 20: More Change looks at the less philosophical, more sensual approach of Venetian artists and at how artists in other parts of Italy responded to the challenge of making art after the ideas and ideals mastered earlier.


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(fee supports the educational mission of the Community House)


Wednesdays September 12, 19, and 26, 2018

Independence Township Senior Community Center

1:00 - 2:00 pm

Immersion Series: Varied Topics

Sept 12: Picturing America  America's art tells America's story. From the earliest inhabitants to today, artists pictured the people, history, and landscape of the country in works that reflect its ideas and ideals. We'll explore a variety of art that helped build our story, some highly realistic, some abstract, some showing our struggles and troubles, but most celebrating our strengths and successes.

Sept 16: Skins, Skeins, and Stitches  There is evidence of weaving back in the Stone Age. Since then we have wrapped ourselves in textiles, walked on carpets, decorated with embroidery and tapestry. Long dismissed as mere craft, skills in traditional fabric making and decorating have now been embraced as art by art historians and adopted by artists as appropriate ways to create art, to express ideas, or to tell stories. We'll look at a range of examples over time and across continents.

Sept 26: Norman Rockwell: America's Storyteller  No one has captured American life more vividly than Norman Rockwell. This illustrated presentation discusses Rockwell's art and his storytelling ability while exploring several of his best covers for the Saturday Evening Post as well as a selection of other work from his long and productive career.

Immersion Series
Information at 248 625-8231 or
Fee $10 per class for members, $12 non member
All three classes $25 for members, $31 for non members

I am scheduled to talk also to the following private groups over this period:- All Seasons of Birmingham and of West Bloomfield; Birmingham Senior Women, IPV Peer to Peer enrichment group, the Novi Historical Association, and Samaritas.

I give talks in private homes. If you are interested in a talk for a private or public group contact me.

To receive regular e-mail updates listing currently-scheduled lectures, tours, and other offerings contact

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Art, like morality, consists of drawing a line.


G. K. Chesterton