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Talks scheduled through June 2021


Wendy's Art History Series ZOOM

This is a continuing series that began for a restricted class in 2018 with Ancient Mesopotamia. While it is on Zoom we have expanded it so anyone interested may attend but must register. The next classes deal with the period between the World Wars.

Tuesdays March 9, April 6, May 25   10:00 am - noon

REGISTRATION REQUIRED if you have not already been attending this series and would like to attend.

Information and registration from Wendy at


Wednesdays March 10, 17, 24, 2021

Birmingham Community House ZOOM

7:00 - 9:00 pm

Artist Selfies

Living as we do in an age of selfies it is worth exploring how and why artists depicted themselves. Looking at fascinating images in a wide variety of media from ancient times to today, we’ll discuss the changing cultural framework within which self-portraits were made. Included will be artists who inserted themselves into scenes with others, those who depicted themselves at work or at special moments in their life, those who took close looks at themselves over their lifetime, and even some who show themselves as someone else be that saint or sinner.

10 March   Introducing the Self-Portrait Ancient to Renaissance
As the story of Narcissus suggests people have a special interest in their own image. Artists began inserting themselves into their works in medieval times. We’ll trace the development of selfies as appreciation of the individual grew in the Renaissance from artists inserting themselves as bystanders as a precursor for independent self-portraits.

 17 March   Facing the World   1600s to 1800s
Not all artist self-portraits are intended for public display, some are used for deep self-scrutiny, but many are designed to make an impression on the world by announcing their presence and demonstrating their skill.

24 March   The Modern Selfie 1900s on
In sculpture, paintings, photographs, and mixed media, 20th century artists explored their own identity, sometimes symbolically, often in searing ways given the conditions they were facing, even as they also explore different ways of creating art.

Fee for the series $110.  Fee for single classes $40
(Fee helps support the educational mission of the Community House

Registration required. Click here to register.


Thursdays April 15, 22, 29, May 5 2021


noon - 1:30 pm

A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words: Jewish Photographers

Photography began in the 1800s without a tradition or any establishment of entry. Many Jewish people became photographers and influenced this new form of art. This course will explore a variety of talented Jewish photographers, both famous and lesser known.
Explore Albert Stieglitz who was instrumental in getting photography recognized as an art form, and others like him who were interested in abstraction. Study the works of Ben Shahn and Alfred Eisenstadt who used their art primarily to document the world. We will also look at the works of Diane Arbus and Annie Leibovitz whose primary focus is mankind.

Information and registration on line at JLearn
REGISTRATION REQUIRED for the complete series
Tuition $80 - no single classes
Wednesdays June 16, 23, 30, 2021

Elderwise ZOOM

10:00am - noon

Art Controversies: Old and New

For a variety of reasons, art has remained controversial over the centuries. In these class sessions we will explore some of the more controversial issues, such as: Does art require craftsmanship, beauty, or fine materials? Is it the artist's mind or his/her hand that is crucial? What about art created with the help of assistants or optical devices?
Is Impressionism a "mess of palette scrapings as one critic claimed? Is modern art somthing your child could have produced? Where is the line between art and pornography, art and sacrilege, art and vandalism, art and propaganda?Who should keep art that was plundered long ago?
Join us in this course for a lively discussion of these and many more probing questions about art.

Online registration available now at Elderwise or 734 340-4691
Fee: Nonnember $45   Member $30

During this period I will also be giving Zoom talks for ALI, All Seasons of West Blooomfield, All Seasons of Rochester Hills, Cedarbrook, Eastside Handweavers, Hartford Home Garden Club, Huntington Woods Library, Macomb MORE, Roosevelt Hadassah, and SOAR.

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Life is the leaves which shape and nourish a plant, but art is the flower which embodies its meaning.


Charles Rennie Mackintosh