Art Presentations by Wendy Evans


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author unknown

Quotations about Art

Author unknown*

An artist is someone who looks at what everyone else has seen and thinks what no one else has thought.

Art is beautiful, it reminds you that youíre really not alone.

People do not see what they are looking at, only what they are looking for.

A culture that does not offend anyone isnít a culture at all - itís Disneyland.

Censorship is societyís way of acknowledging the power of art.

One uses mirrors to look at oneís face and art to look at oneís soul.

Art is indifference replaced by attention.

Let me ask you something.  What is not art?

Not shop till you drop but look at paint till you faint!

Monet distills into a painting some of the magic that goes into a moment of

Great art ennobles the simplest scene and raises it out of the dirt of the commonplace.
 [Art News, March 20, 1920]

* Please email if you can tell me who said any of these



A man climbs a mountain because it's there.
A man makes art because it isn't there.


Carl Andre